comrade faerycake has all the fun

and all the lambrini too

11 June 1984
I'm Eva.

Currently trying (failing?) to finish off my PhD and carve out some sort of path in academia.

Things I am interested in are:

- feminism and teaching
- animal rights
- critical theory and cultural studies
- cooking and food
- web 2.0 stuff (especially food blogs)

Other things I like things are:

Doesn't he look dashing?

Making stuff:
I like making toy giraffes in particular. Our toy giraffe lives in our living room, in a pirate crow's nest with other toys we've made.

Going places (such as art galleries).

Here's me and a well-endowed yellow monster outside the Tate Modern. Yay!

And nice cafes.

Although I'm also a bit obsessed with cooking/baking/etc. Especially things from Post Punk Kitchen affiliated books.

Last and definitely not least in my rambling list of nice things has to be my ace family and friends in Nottingham, Edinburgh, North Norfolk and elsewhere, who I love very much.

I'm not quite as faerycake-ish anymore, but I've still got lots of pink tattoos as a reminder of being 20 and thinking I'd like pink forever. I don't regret them one bit though and am particularly proud of my beetroot tattoo. My toadstool, however, will always carry the most nostalgia.