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[29 Jan 2014|01:38pm]
80% moved into flat... just have to shift a few larger things (which a friend should *fingers crossed* be helping me to do in their car at the weekend). At the moment I love, love, love it. A friend referred to it as a 'twat flat', which it kind of is (very young-professional and IKEA'd up to the hilt) - but I love it nonetheless. It's my space and I feel in control of it. For the first time I feel like I'm somewhere I can maintain properly. Early days obviously, but I'm so excited and am feeling more relaxed already.
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[21 Jan 2014|09:59pm]

Things to do before end of the month...

Find flat [half done... put holding deposit down this morning, going to try & sort paperwork tomorrow]
Mark 75 essays [got about 14 to go]
Write book chapter [most of draft done]
Peer review article
Revise CFP for conference I'm putting on in May
Sort teaching materials for Monday
Mark dissertation students work
Mark MA essays
Write abstract for conference paper
Move into new flat

The last one's a bit scary, felt so, so sad today (but also so, so elated). Been bit stressful finding flats, so fell in love with one and put the deposit down straight away without thinking about it. Sadness hit me afterwards. 7 years. Weird more than anything. And I haven't lived alone before either, eeek. Sure it'll be good for me though.
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[20 Jun 2013|10:55am]
Nicked off likeneontubing

10 years ago I was...

Getting used to living in my lovely flat on East Mayfield with Sarah! I'd just turned 19 and had a faery pinic on the meadows the week before, with lots of ace people (still have some photos!). I'd got some wool wraps in my hair that Flo had put in for my birthday and generally looked quite grungey. I think Mark was living with us temporarily too, which was exciting - first time I'd (sort of) lived with anyone. I'd just had the first year of my degree and it felt like the best year of my life: I'd met some great people (many of whom I'm still friends with), felt like I could be myself, and loved living in Edinburgh! At this point I'd decided I wanted to change degrees to English Lit (from History of Art), so was still waiting on exam results to see if my English grades were high enough - after a spectactular exam fuck up (thought it was 3 hours, was actually 2). Overall, I was in a pretty good place.

5 years ago I was...

Just turning 24! Again, it was the week after my birthday and I'd had a joint party with Robin. The week of the party felt like one of the best days of my life: Katarina was visiting and Robin proposed when we were out in town together!!! A few days later Robin and I went to London and found an engagement ring, then went to the ICA where he pitched his Super Scurry mobile phone project, along with other developers, for a competition. Hd got an amazing response (I was super proud). The next day was amazing, as it was really sunny so we just wandered round London looking at stuff and eating nice food. This week 5 years ago was more stressful, as Robin had to do the final pitch in Manchester and the whole thing didn't go as well. We were staying in a crazy, scary hotel and the pitch ultimately didn't win - which was a bit deflating. Think I just felt drained after the previous week's high. I was just coming to the end of the 1st year of my PhD, which I'd been loving but probably not worked on as hard as I could have!! This was the golden year work-wise: more chilled than my MA and things hadn't started racheting up pressure-wise yet.

1 year ago I was...

Excited after getting a 2 year contract at work! Getting ready to give students their degree marks back (the first time I'd done this). It was the end of my first year of full-time lecturing, and I love love loved it! Think we'd also just had interviews for a new colleague too, and had really wanted one of the candidates to accept as his work was really interesting and related to mine! He has, and we now work together quite a bit and it's made the department a really great place: pulling people together.

So far this year...

I have been doing lots of research! I got my first article published in a really good journal, have done some lovely talks and met some great people, and have recently been organising a philosophy of technology reading group at a local gallery with the aforementioned colleague. Robin & I had a super fun night out last week, for our birthday, and I just felt really happy because I'd got such a nice group of work colleagues. Teaching's been good too, and I was sad to say bye to this year's cohort of students.

Yesterday I was...
Having a free dinner from the gallery, in a super nice restaurant, as a thank you for running the reading group! Some philosophers were also there, one of whom is the 'in thing' at the moment and he wanted vegan food too - which was quite exciting! Met some more nice people too. I was also recovering from a hangover, after a party we'd thrown for our external examiners the night before - and had spent most of the day not doing work and chatting to colleagues instead. I'd had some bad news about a job application, but was feeling ok in general and had been cheered up considerably by hanging out with nice people over the past couple of days, then when I got home I found out a chapter abstract I'd put together for a cool sounding book had been accepted, yay!

Today... I actually need to go to work so will finish this later!
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[01 Mar 2011|08:49pm]
Feminism and Teaching Symposium

8th – 9th April 2011

University of Nottingham

This is a two-day interdisciplinary event for feminist activists, artist, teachers and academics to discuss the relationships between feminism and teaching.

There will be keynote workshops/sessions by: Professor Gina Wisker (Brighton), Professor Sara Mills (Sheffield Hallam) and Dr Louise Mullany (Nottingham), Professor Ruth Holliday (Leeds), Dr Ben Brabon (Edge Hill), Annette Foster (Performance Artist).

We have also received a diverse selection of workshop proposals from feminist academics and activists from across the world; with delegates from locations including Algeria, Australia, Brazil Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Germany, Indonesia, India, Kurdistan, Luxembourg, Norway, the Phillipines, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, the US and UK.

Panels so far include: gender on the university campus, feminist activism, thinking gender in 'gender neutral' spaces, gender based violence and pedagogy, performative gender, new ways to raise consciousness, gender awareness training, consciousness raising in India, feminism outside the classroom, overcoming problems in the classroom, student-led teaching, new ways to teach gender, feminism and religous education, teaching EFL.

The two day event will contain presentations in a range of formats, including interactive workshops, working with text and film extracts, poster presentations, performances and discussion groups.

The aim of the event is to encourage discussion, share knowledge and experience about teaching practice, and form a supportive environment for academics, activists and those with an interest in the relationship between feminism and teaching.

A registration form is now available for those wishing to attend the event, at www.feminismandteaching.org

Delegate fees to attend both days of the symposium, including all materials, refreshments, lunch and wine reception will be:
Waged £45 / Unwaged £35
To attend only one day the delegate fee will be £25.

For further information please contact us at feminismandteaching[at]nottingham.ac.uk
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East Midlands Vegan Festival Hits the Streets [12 Dec 2010|10:56am]
After our local council told Nottingham Vegan Campaigns we could no longer use the (very central) Council House for our annual food festival, we took it to the streets instead. The aim was to set up 10 stalls - five food-related and five campaign stalls - in locations across Nottingham. The event went really well, so a huge thanks to everyone involved!

I just thought people might want to see pictures etc of the event, as it was just a really nice day, with lots of great food and lovely people helping - with some great feedback from the public. It was just a really good opportunity to engage with people, who wouldn't normally go to a vegan festival or be interested in veggie food. We ended up giving out hundreds of recipe books to people who asked how to make things after trying the food too.

the vegan society & council house stalls

more pictures, and a bit of backgroundCollapse )
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[24 Sep 2010|12:43pm]
Summer has been pretty ace, all in all. It began with Mark and Misti's lovely wedding, and ended with adventures in Devon, Beautiful Days and mrcameraman's residency at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Everything in the middle has been lots of work and stress - R's been juggling lots of projects, and I'm trying to finish writing up. Overall though, there's been lots of loveliness.

I think the last Beautiful Days was possibly my favourite festival, and favourite time at a festival, ever. I just enjoyed hanging out with everyone we went with/saw there loads and got to dress as a bumble bee - what more could I ask for?!

I also almost poked Billy Bragg in the eye with my antenna when I was in said bee costume, which he didn't look too impressed about.

missanthropii and alii_cat had taken us to a lovely veggie B and B for a birthday present the day before the festival too, which was ridiculously idyllic. Fresh flowers from the garden in every room and the most excitable dog in the world!

Going to the sculpture park was really lovely too - Active Ingredient were doing a project there, and I went along too and got on with editing my thesis. It was such a great setting, no distractions (like the internet, ahem) and incredibly peaceful. Loveliness.

Now its term time and I'm scrabbling to finish editing before teaching begins, arg... I think I'm on track though...
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[28 Jun 2010|08:55pm]
Aw, I've had the best couple of weeks ever! I'll try to type this up at some point, but basically:

I had a great time at Mark and Misti's wedding. It all made me feel incredibly emotional, everything about it just seemed to reflect who they were as people, which I thought was amazing. I also saw people there I hadn't seen since I was 18 - like members of Mark's family - and was really touched they remembered who I was! It was also great to see lots of other lovely, lovely friends from Edinburgh, so in general a big emotional yay of a weekend.

A couple of days later I had a lovely trip to Cambridge to meet Mum, we talked loads, had coffee, and a great veggie lunch - all of which made me feel shiney and happy afterwards. It was great to see her properly, do nice things together and just catch up. (Also, en route I met some tourists from the US who - a little way outside of Peterborough - pointed to a large-ish white building and asked me if it was Buckingham Palace. I felt guilty as I assumed they were taking the piss and laughed and they looked a bit sad, which made me feel terrible as they were lovely people!) Anyway, all of that put me in an excellent mood for... SPAIN!

We'd never been out of the UK together before and it was the best possible place to go for our first adventure abroad. Barcelona was an absolutely fantastic, and it was equally fantastic to spend some proper time with Katarina. We got to visit places I'd studied about and always wanted to go to (like Casa Battlo, Casa Mila and the Sagrada Familia), visit some ace modern art galleries and even had time for a beach day (complete with a swim in the sea). There were also a few specifically vegan restaurants that we went to for the best smoothies I've ever tasted and yummy meals in general.

It's left me feeling all relaxed this week and I've enjoyed hanging about with Notts people (plus Flo and Claire who are honorary Notts people), and we had a lovely chilled weekend with A this week (although it was puncuated with a brutal headache on Saturday night, boo).

Finally, Leanne and Aythan visited yesterday and we had a BBQ last night, then showed them the sights of Nottingham today. It was really great to see them and fun showing people around Notts when it was nice and sunny and the city actually looked like a good place to live!

After such a nice couple of weeks I'm desperately trying to work... and kind of failing miserably, booo!
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[02 May 2010|10:32pm]
I'm still reeling from last week. The can't be bothered to read version is:

Went to London and Brighton.

Got ill and did uni work.

Baked loads of stuff at a cookery skill-share, then gave it away at a free food giveaway.

Here's the rest:

We went to Brighton for the weekend for our friend Tash's birthday, which was doubleplusgood (as per usual) and involved exciting food, cake, coffee and people-watching. It's the best place in the UK vegan-wise, hands down. I won't be boring and list everything we did/ate, but needless to say we had the most amaaazing dessert at Terre a Terre, which was basically this marzipan tart thing with earl grey soaked prunes in the middle, with ice-cream and this shot of hot orangy stuff.

I tried lots of stuff on at Get Cutie, but refrained from buying anything - even though it's all so beautiful it's also so expensive! I did get a skirt from Red Mutha , which was made of off-cuts of fabric. I really wanted to get a tutu thing that was basically made from old t-shirts, but it didn't really cover my arse and even though you can get away with a lot wearing opaque leggings, I don't think the world will ever be ready to see that much of me.

We also caught up with friends in London and did some wandering round Covent Garden and the Tate Modern, as well as seeing the tail end of the London marathon. My little brother's moved to London (randomly) so it was good to see him, and also to catch up properly with Flo and Claire - who also let us crash at theirs.

Unfortunately I woke up the next day and was ill ill ill! The next few days were spent flopping about and doing as much uni work as possible, and preparing everything I needed for the skill-share at Sumac on Thursday.

The skill share itself was really lovely. It was quiet-ish, but I got to show people how to make various things, including pastry and various sorts of cake. Some kids came along too and had loads of fun, whilst generally making a mess, but ended up creating some really beautiful cupcakes.

The following day, we set up a stall in town and gave out cooking samples and loads of people stopped by to get info and signed up to our recipe email list. However, I ended up having to carry loads of heavy cake boxes (which I'm notoriously crap at) and my arms are still aching today!

This weekend I've been pretty productive work-wise - around 3,000 words today, woop! But I'm still a bit behind PhD-wise, and generally feel a bit jaded and a bit worried about work. It's all compounded by the fact I've got a teacher training interview on Friday and just feel underprepared. Ack.
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who I should vote for [12 Apr 2010|11:22am]
er... I didn't realise it'd be possible to get minus points for this for certain parties! I'm a bit disturbed that UKIP get fewer minus points than the Conservatives though! I was fairly amused at the result in general though.

Take the Who Should You Vote For? UK General Election quiz

Liberal Democrat63
UK Independence-22

You expected: GRN

Your recommendation: Green

Click here for more details about these results

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[28 Mar 2010|07:02pm]
aww, how I love livejournal!

Even though it's a record of plenty of cringeworthy moments, I still feel a bit nostalgic reading through it. Facebook, Twitter etc just aren't the same in terms of an archive. I started my livejournal in 2003 and so much has happened since then, that it's good to have some sort of record. Even the embarrassing stuff is a good reminder of how not to be a muppet.

In other news, I went to a conference this week run by ARC Digital, called Thinking Network Politics: Methods, Epistemology, Process. On the one hand, it was ace - loads of nice people, loads of interesting discussion - but on the other hand, every time I go to a conference it confuses me. I've got a PGCE interview in May and every time I feel sure I want to go down that route, I go to a conference and get all enthusiastic about research again. The last two conferences in particular have been lovely and I've got pretty good feedback on my work. This one was great because not only was everyone nice, everyone was interested in similar things to me and I felt really familiar with the theory being used. The bad thing about this, was maybe I felt a bit too comfortable as I ended up asking loads of questions becaus I was enthusiastic... but it may well have just been annoying for people! Oops.

So now I keep thinking about postdocs, argh! Ideally I'd like to work at a teaching focused university, where I can do research but also do lots of teaching. The no jobs thing is a bit of a barrier to that though! Saying that, my feelings about teaching are getting stronger and stronger, so ultimately I'm sure this will be the best (and most sensible) route.
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2006 part 2 [05 Jan 2010|01:02am]
This year is in two bits as some pretty major things happened...

I lived at home for a couple of months, which was lovely as I got to spend some quality time with Mum. It was really good to get to do that.

I also visited mrs_cinnamon in Bristol over the summer, which was ace! Again, I remember it being pretty hot and drinking lots of smoothies!

It was Ian and Caroline's wedding, which was amazing! It was just such a happy day... and I caught the bouquet!!

In the second half of the year I also met mrcameraman - and we're still together today! So it was a pretty special time in general :)

Through him I met some other people who are really important to me too, like his daughter and our neighbours Netty and Debs.

I moved to Nottingham for my MA and met loads of cool people doing that too, but it was really different to Edinburgh - I didn't join the rock soc so didn't have such a cohesive frienship circle! I still met some really lovely people though, which was great.I remember getting a text from my friend Ying in the first couple of weeks asking if I wanted to go to the fair - and was just so pleased that someone I'd met from class actually wanted to hang out outside of it!

With a bit of encouragement from my friend Brent (believe it or not, I was a bit shy), I also joined the local AR group and got more involved politically. I also met some ace people from that too.

So a good, and eventful, year! Overall anyway!
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2003 [05 Jan 2010|12:02am]
The year began in a really sad way, that I can't do justice to here, so don't really want to write about it. It had (and still has) a big impact on me, and other people, though. I want to put something else here, but everything just sounds inadequate :(

The first month was just messy and horrible really, for the most part.

I started my first longish serious relationship after that, which lasted a bit over a year, with Mark. It's funny, it doesn't sound very long putting it like that but it changed me a lot (in good ways) and we're still really good friends, even though we were incompatible relationship-wise. It was the best sort of relationship in that sense, after realising things didn't work on a relationship level, we were still both determined to stay friends, so have done.

Because of the relationship, I learned lots about philosophy, visited the Isle of Lewis, and my alcohol tolerance increased dramatically.

My friendships with people also deepened a lot, it just felt like I'd grown a load closer to lots of people.

I moved in with Sarah (gothbrook) around June time, which was loooovely! We had such a nice flat, in a nice area, and I've got loads of fond memories of it :)

I also started attempting to be vegan, which changed a lot of things for me and just became more and more of an important thing in my life as time went on.
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eva's decade [04 Jan 2010|04:19pm]
I've been reading lots of people's round ups of 2009, and started doing one myself, but I've also seen that a couple of people have done reviews of their decade (like cheekbones3 and missanthropii) which have given me a lot of food for thought.

In terms of the past decade, it started off as one of recovery. That sounds melodramatic, but when I was 10 I left school due to a culmination of bullying, general dislike of the school and (most probably) a horrible confusion of hormones after hitting puberty. It meant that until I was 15 I was basically getting over being really unhappy and just becoming a bit more stable in general.

It sounds really trite put like that, but also good to be able to summarise it a trite way, as having clinical depression when I was fairly young had a massive impact on me and it took a long time for me to really sort my head out and get over it.

From that point on, it does seem like the past decade has generally been an upward trajectory. It's had ups and downs, but they were still within an overall upwards climb! The past couple of days I've been thinking about it a lot and how much my life, and my head has changed.


I was 15-16 in 2000 and taking my GCSE exams. It was a really intense year, as it marked the end of 5 years at Wood Dene - a tiny, tiny school (my year had about 10 people in it) which had done a lot for me. When I think about how unhappy I was when I started at 11, to how much more confident I was by the end, it makes me feel really emotional. I'd been a bit bullied at my previous school and it really hadn't suited me, so I'd had to leave school with depression. I was off school for 6 months, during which I wasn't up to doing anything much. I was just a bit scared of other kids and hated myself. Then we found Wood Dene and things gradually got better.

By 16, with a lot of help from Mum and from my little school, I was a lot happier and more confident. It felt like the end of a 5 year healing process, so it was emotional leaving... but I was also reaaaaally bored by the end of it as it was so small!

I'd worked stupidly hard for my exams and had done alright, so was looking forward to moving on, meeting new people (and in all honesty, new boys as Wood Dene had been mostly girls), and doing my A levels.
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[29 Oct 2009|09:22pm]
It's half term! This wouldn't really feature on my radar, but we've been trying to do funstuff with A in her week-and-a-bit off school.

We took her to the National Space Centre today, which was fun fun fun. Well, sort off, apart from it was really hot and full of small children who weren't as good at queuing up as A! However, despite the noise and stuffiness it was still good to take her somewhere which was fun as well as vaguely educational.

There was this amaaazing competitive-Dad type bloke queuing behind us at one point. He was trying to get his (very young children) to recite back to him what LHC stood for in this film we'd watched (then messed up saying large hadron collider himself)... if that's even the correct spelling. The children just looked a bit bewildered.

I liked all the films and interactive-y stuff about the gas giants and kuiper belt, as they're things I like reading about - so it was good to chat to A about them too. Sadly I don't think the others found that bit as interesting as me. I made them sit through this film about the Voyager probes too (if probe is the right term??) but got the distinct feeling it was only really interesting for me... possibly due to nostalgia value, as I remember a documentary about it when I was little that was really brilliant, it was the first time I found out much about Uranus and Neptune and it just all seemed so new I suppose.

It's weird typing that, I know loads of people who've done science degrees and I sort of feel like a gigantic child who's spent the day running round a museum getting excited about things a lot of people probably think are kind of basic or boring... but on the other hand I've read a lot of stuff in various philosophies of science about how certain planets were discovered/understandings of the universe were developed... it's like I've got these two takes on it that are poles apart, with a massive gap in the middle where the actual 'real scientific knowledge' bit should probably go.

Saying that, I like being excited about things, so don't really mind - even though I probably should do :S

I need to update more often, I like lj looooads more than facebook and want to keep reading - but it's a bit hypocritical if I don't do it myself.

If you're still reading and want to answer a space themed question: what's your favourite moon in the solar system? Mine's Io!
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[19 Oct 2009|09:09am]
urg... my hair is scabby, my brain is scrambled, but I'm still desperately trying to scape myself off the sofa and do some work! In the meantime, however, I've been looking at the best facebook group in the world ever!

It's called 'I've been on Yarmouth snails and survived'. Any Norfolk people probably don't need that explaining, as the snail ride is a mass shared childhood experience that a lot of Norfolk people share, but for non-Norfolk people, it's basically a ride consisting of a load of psychedelic giant snails that you ride in. When you're little it seems like a rollercoaster, but it's really just this mildly undulating track with loads of plants and things around it.

I've learned lots of fascinating facts from the group, such as Joyland (the little children's theme park that hosts the magic snails) opened in 1948, which means the snail ride is ooold! The group's got pictures of three generations of families who've ridden on it - there's even a picture of a couple getting married on it! What an absolutely ace idea!

In the comment thread people are also talking about this Aladdin Cave ride at Pleasure Wood Hills, which also brought back memories... although this time they were scary memories! Memories of a giant monster coming out of the wall and making me cry when I was little!

In other news, on Friday we handed out free veggie burgers and vegan cake outside of McDonald's again. This guy came up and got a burger and I thought he looked vaguely familiar, and then I realised who it was. Basically the original McLibel 2 had come along to help on the demo and help out with Veggies over the weekend. Even though I know I shouldn't have felt like this, I was kind of a bit in awe. I just think it was amazing that two people stood up to a corporation with so many resources at their disposal. Although when I chatted to them a little, I felt a bit stupid saying it - as they were so modest. Dave just said he was just a bloke and said he couldn't have done it without the support.

I still think what they, and others, did was brilliant though :)
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[03 Oct 2009|11:10pm]
I've had a horrible headache for a couple of days, which has left me feeling a bit rubbish and useless. Last night I wasn't up to much at all, and was sort of dreading today as we'd promised mrcameraman's daughter we'd take her to the fair and I really didn't think I'd be able to make it.

However, going out and buying cake seemed to make me feel better and - bizarrely - going on a totally brutal ride at the fair cleared my head loads. I've been feeling really overwhelmed with my work recently, it just never seems to end, and it was good to do something where I could totally disengage.

I've handed a load of stuff in recently too, which has made me feel a bit more chilled, but not teaching's started so I've got to get down to that. I hope they're a nice group of freshers this year!

I'm happy and things, just tired.
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adventures [19 Sep 2009|12:50pm]
A little bit of calm before term time.

I've had such an up and down summer in terms of lovely highs, less-so-lovely lows, and a good smattering of silly stressyness inbetween.

I've had so many academic deadlines and other (nicer) commitments over the summer, but the penultimate thing has just ended - a four day conference at Oxford called 'Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors for Enduring Evil'.

It was really silly, as in a way I was dreading it - I'd piled too much work on (as per usual) and the conference was yet another thing that I needed to do. I was unsure about my paper and not really looking forward to the horrible networking mentality and critical comments that are normally the norm at conferences.

However - it turns out my fears were totally unfounded and it was the loveliest conference ever. We met some FANTASTIC people from around the world - heh, we've been offered places to stay in Australia and the US if we ever have enough money to visit! - and just spent loads of time chatting and getting to know people. We hung around loads with a lovely girl from South Africa called Lexi and an ace guy from the States called Kevan. They were doing papers on the Wasp Factory and zombies respectively!

Great people, great papers, great atmosphere. It was a really intense few days and we felt quite emotional having to say goodbye to people, as we'd got on so well. I dunno, it was a bit of a revelation in terms of conference experiences.

I got really lovely feedback on my paper too, which was nice as I was feeling a bit nauseous before I presented it, but everyone was really positive.

I'm left feeling really chipper, perhaps all the more so because it's all sunny and slightly autumn-y, and the autumn always makes me think of new things and new adventures. I'm feeling almost painfully nostalgic about Edinburgh at the moment, as it's almost seven years exactly since I moved there... but at the same time I'm feeling positive and happy about where I am. So it's sort of a painful happiness about past things, overlaid with a more rar happiness about the here and now. Which is nice.
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[17 Aug 2009|08:19pm]

It's been the most up and down couple of weeks ever...

The bad stuff's been really bad, but the good stuff's been really good. And really colourful.

In fact, the good stuff will have it's own photo post when I get photos sorted :)

Good thing 1:

New Tattoo! It includes beetroot, yay!

I got it done at the Doncaster Tattoo Jam - it was the first time I'd got anything done at a convention and it was ace. It was a totally different experience having people walk past and watch when I was getting tattooed.

There are some pics at the bottom of the blog post here, but the beetroot looks squished as my arms at a funny angle - it doesn't look quite like that normally!
http://tribetattoo.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2451 I love love love it, especially the sweetpeas.

Good thing 2:

Laura's hen night.

It was definitely classier than the average hen night! Well, to be honest I would say that as I was one of the organisers! But it was really lovely - everyone looked beautiful and dressed up in fantastic stepford wives-esque outfits. I spent time with great people I don't see often enough and danced to good music.

We had table at a cocktail bar to begin with which was much fun - we'd brought a book to commemorate the night for people to write in and everyone spent loads of time making their pages in it look artistic and write nice messages. Lots of pink cocktails were had.

Then we headed off to Madame JoJo's in Soho for their rockabilly/northern soul night - which was fantastic! I'd definitely go again. It had a really friendly atmosphere and everyone was dancing. Everyone there was really friendly too, there didn't seem to be any slimy people just out to pull, everyone just seemed happy and dance-y!

One of the good things was that it wasn't a messy night, like no one got smashed and we all felt fine the next day. It was just happy really!

The best bit though was getting to spend time with people I don't see nearly enough. :)
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PSTS conference [31 Jul 2009|10:35am]
I got on a roll with posting a couple of weeks back, but now it's seemed to slide away again.

Good things and bad things have happened this week. I'll start with a good things post, as it's a bit more superficial.

I went to possibly the best conference I've ever been to this week, the Postgraduate conference for Science and Technology Studies - it was small enough and nice enough to make me feel comfortable enough to to actually talk to people properly. The talks, on the whole, were good too. I was really impressed with people's presentation styles, to be honest. In conferences that more lean towards the arts and humanities, most of my experience has been of people directly reading their papers (sometimes without looking up and making eye contact with the audience). However, from the look of the conference, papers in the (social?)sciences seem to be done semi from memory, with powerpoint as a visual aid. This was a nice mixture of the two - which made me learn a lot about technique if nothing else.

On the day I was presenting I decided, in my wisdom, to cycle in. Of course, it started pissing it down with rain as soon as I left the house and my rain coat stood no chance. Then the chain came off my bike just as I arrived into uni, and was sort of stuck. Needless to say I managed to get covered in oil, as well as being bedraggled. So - despite my best efforts to NOT look like a dirty hippy, I managed to look like one anyway.

presentation stuffCollapse )

The final nice thing was that they actually provided vegan lunch! And I wasn't the only vegan! The other person was a nice German activist who was doing his PhD on greenwashing in large corporations. (He did a really fascinating presentation on how companies worked out their carbon footprint.) The lunch kind of made us both feel touched at the sort of effort they'd made to cater for us, as they'd made this platter of vegan food just for two of us. It was cool because they'd actually made things like bean salad and tropical fruit salad as well as sandwiches - there was a lot of effort put in. Aww.

Arg. I can't believe a good third of my conference post is just talking about lunch!
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I'm even nostalgic about procrastination [09 Jul 2009|01:00am]
Aww, with my rose tinted glasses I remember myself as being a conscientious undergraduate student... but then remind myself how much time I spent pissing around on livejournal.

A case in point being this:

I can't believe I spent so long drawing people's interests in MS paint. I think I spent about an hour drawing mrs_cinnamon's fantail fish alone!
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